Founded in 2004 

We pride ourselves in the personalized experience you receive with a contractor. We strive to create a comfortable and professional experience for all of our customers. 

Our goal is to supply competitive pricing and deliver outstanding workmanship for all your fire sprinkler and mechanical needs. 

With over 35 years of expereince in the fire sprinkler and mechanical contracting industry, Tim Tiger has a vision of forming a new company which would unite both trades to form one dependable organization. 


Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems and Special Hazard Systems (State of New Jersey) 

City of Newark - 08-55139 

Division of Consumer Affairs Home Improvement Contractor - 13VH04637700

DPMC Classification in New Jersey - Fire Sprinkler & HVACR 

HVACR Contractors - 19HC00680100

New Jersey Division of Fire Safety - P01236 

New Jersey School Development (SDA)

Public Works - 663591 

Small Business Enterprise - 52049-20